Questions and Aswers related to Pelastration.

3. About the logic behind Pelastration.

What is mass, what is energy, what is resonance? What is gravity?

Doesn't gravity implicates that there must be 'direct and indirect interconnections" between everything in this universe? We notice that there is an active interrelation between macro-cosmic galaxies and also on micro-cosmic level. These interrelations are "real" because they provoke several effects on several levels which are proven.

Pure logic analysis (without using any math) learns us that:
- Every universal component must have at least one basis connection to the gravity field (or even just a membrane which can be neutral).
- Each such basic connection should be incredible flexible (see how far distance galaxies inter influence).
- There are also other types of interactions of universal components in which each has still its basic connection.
- At least one universal process (or mechanism) must be on the basis to create from Nothing: mass, energy, etc. Meaning nothingness becomes mass and energy through a restructuring process of nothing.
- This restructuring process must give the possibility that mass en energy can shift.
- This restructuring mechanism must be reversible.
- This mechanism must restructure nothingness in 'isolated' areas (which appear independent to the observer).
- Isolated areas can only be detected by the observer when he (or his tools) are resonant with an isolated area.
- This restructuring mechanism must be valid to explain the complexity of all phenomena on microcosmic and macrocosmic level and all interactions between them (including time).

This brings us - without math - to the an (infinite*) stretchable flexible tensegrite field of Buckminster Fuller. My idea goes however further:
A tensegrite field (unbreakable elastic membrane - cfr. Buckminster) with tubular properties will create an "extra layer" when it penetrates itself, creating thus a special manifold. This manifold is actually never described!. I call this pelastration.

That manifold can pelastrate again or make combinations and interactions or other pelastrations with other parts of the tensegrite field. = multiplication by division, subdivisions, 'islands = fundamental particles' etc..

To the observer the layering creates 'mass' and "tension", and the friction between the layers creates "resonance". The "angles of acceptance" create the geometry which bring us sacred Platonic shapes but also determinate our chemistry.

On mathematical level it becomes possible to prove very simply that 5 is not always 5 (and 3+2 is not the same as 2+3). Think about the Schrödinger Quantum cat in the box. The simple mechanism of pelastration explains a lot. TOE? It shows that we all are connected.

A post to CosmicCataclyst ( explained some more:

"I believe that - like in the Morphic theory (Ruppert Sheldrake)- knowledge is spreading in a collective way (over distance without material transfer). Think about archetypes and collective unconsciousness (CG Jung). Pelastration now explains those also.

If my approach is correct it will show that our universe is in fact a giant Fedex/DHL/TNT package delivery service system (sending box-in-box-in-box-in-box-in-box packages and box+box+box packages, on receipt taking out one box and forwarding the rest to another recipient who adds another bibibibi box and takes out a box of the first, repacks all in a larger package and resends that to another ..., ... till the 'final recipient" has enough (quantum) boxes to built his temporal house. Although all boxes are empty ... a house is made ;-).
Empty boxes are the building stones of the Universe ... Logic?
Matter? It's all a matter of perception."

We observers see only the outside of the box-in-boxes and call that MATTER.

De-pelastration(s) makes that an isolated island disappears to the observer and becomes ENERGY again and and then can restructure (re-combine again) with others to a new isolated matter island again. (second law of thermodynamics stays valid)

Now TIME (a frequency convention between observers given a certain cosmic event in an isolate area, eg. the speed of light in a vacuum) indicates to the observer the progress/shift of matter and energy. Time gives the possibility to make scientific statements about the "duration" of a pelastration, and to predict the 'time' it will take before a de-pelastration (decay in quantity, activity or force) starts. In this approach Time can also indirect indicate some cosmic constants, for example the speed of light might be limited because the limits of tensegrite stretchability are reached given the structure of photons in this part of the universe.

(infinite*): infinite meaning: maybe in the initial state but not in the full absolute sense since stretchability will be limited at a certain level by various pelastrations. In a local island the limits of stretchability will create the proprieties of the layers and thus the tension(s) and the friction(s).

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