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1. About Pelastration and gravitation.
Originally posted by heusdens
As a human being, how can I not be attracted by "stars"?

DL: With "HOW" I meant describe me the mechanics behind attraction.
Don't use describing definitions about forces ... just show me.

Originally posted by heusdens
Ok. This time for serious.

I still envision the "curved spacetime" model of gravitation. The curvature of space around a massive object, causes me to "fall" into the centre of gravity.
This model of curved space, is action at a distance. The way I can measure the curvature of space is by measuring the effect of it: a force that is directed towards the center of gravity.

DL: Heusdens, as you know i like measuring because it gives us causal information (repeatable) about an event. But I am not interested in knowing how high the house is and it's weight ... i am interested to know how you build it. What's the architectural plan and the engineer plan ... and how can I make it also.
A TOE will not describe properties as the essence, but will give the building plan ... so we can rebuild it in ALL DIFFERENT sizes and weights.

You said: "The way I can measure the curvature of space is by measuring the effect of it: a force that is directed towards the center of gravity.". Nice ... this will give you the curvature of space. And then? With that information ... can you build it? Can you build ... a force, can you build ... a center of gravity? OK ... then with combined measurings with can try to make a plan how it can be build given those and those conditions. Next to that we need TOOLS (a type of mechanism) to reshape the building blocs and to connect them. (the magic mechanism of Feynman: the coupling constant). That's the engineering part. That's the essence. Without that ... no explanation.:/

Originally posted by heusdens
I think your idea of a membrane that connect everything with anything, although seemingly applies to this ununderstood issue of "action on a distance" fails in some ways. What is the membrane itself consisting of? And how is that stuff "bound to itself" then?

DL: Your question is correct.
I don't know. ;-). Therefor it is a postulate! If I would know it would be a fact.
Maybe we can find the solution together. ;-)

But important is that - based on this postulate - we can imagine a mechanism which provokes:

1. Restructuring a minimal of "something" into complex combinations.
2. Combinations which contain their integrity (historical reference framework).
3. Combinations which are reversible. (white hole <-> black hole --> restructuring ... validity of the conservation of energy)
4. Combinations which create density differences (additional layers create higher density) and thus explain the gradual density difference in manifestations levels (matter, sub-matter, sub-sub-matter ... leading even to un-explained events in spirituality)
5. Combinations which create internal friction (and thus a 'global' island vibration = resonance)
6. Combinations which create interaction between non-directly positioned islands.
7. Billion of combinations in which the inter-connectivity (that we call gravitation) is valid.
8. With which the most important experimental measurements and sub-processes are still valid. (explains the quantum leap, speed limit of light, the difference of mesons and bosons, ...)
8. A mechanism that is valid for MICRO COSMOS and MACRO COSMOS!

Originally posted by heusdens
I see no difference in quarks that are bound together by gluon forces, as massive particels that are bound together by gravitation forces. Only the scale of the acting force is different.

How do gluons work? Same question as above.
The Higgs boson is supposed to bring the solution. It's a mediator which would carry gravitational powers (0,0). My problem with the Higgs boson is: there is still no fundamental mechanical "continuous" relationship.

Originally posted by heusdens
And some comments on your "everything is connected hypothese".
I think the source of your hypothese/thought that everything is connected, which in your "pelastration" theory has the form of one huge membrane that literally connects everything to everything else, is a fundamental thought, which reflects on the world in total, and our being in this world.

DL: That's correct. But my target is to show an engineering picture not a descriptive game of words, weights and heights.

Originally posted by heusdens
The way I think of that connection, and reasoned about that within, can be found in the topic [url=""]. In that way I could "connect" the existence of everything within my own existence.
This forms a reasoned ground for "beliefs" regarding the interconnectedness of everything to everything. But this connectedness only exists within my reasonings. I don't assume that the material world itself should be in a material way interconnected (at least no more then physics has shown those connections by postulating the material interactions in the form of the 4 fundamental forces). I don't think that some physical substance is causing me to be drawn to a star, other then the spacetime curvature/gravitational force.

For me the pelastration concept affirms that I am an unique being, like you are and all members of these forums ... and all creations. We are each of us a combination of empty boxes, but the empty boxes have the ability to interact between them inside the unique island called "ME" or "I".
My consciousness is an active brain-wave-based interactive system that sensors the internal layers and their interaction, but sensors also the surrounding of that temporal island called "Dirk". In the total of the Universe that Dirk is just a temporal island of virtual reality (VR). Thinking he exists. (The Matrix ? :-0). But he is feed by vibrations and other levels of VR (which also seems to exist). To Dirk these other VR-elements really can make him happy, unhappy, hurt him, kill him, ... by good or bad "interactions". So it's not just reasoning, it's on that level: reality. ...

As "Dirk" I observe my reality, my body and the 3D world that really surrounds me. Another level of that Dirk is just acting like an automate (following previous stored interactions). This total reality "Dirk" follows his own time frame(s) and lives conscious only in the NOW.

Dirk is build of empty boxes in empty boxes etc. (see previous thread) but his "physical surrounding" is build on the same level by other empty boxes which bring interaction (food, water, girls, music, brain waves, ...). The connectedness does exists not only in my reasonings but also in the fact that there are the interactions with others (my five sexy girlfriends), with objects (my car, my hamburger, ...) or processes (fire, car accident, that crazy dog, ...) from the surrounding.
The "significance" of those elements of the surrounding is based on the appreciation that the (isolated) island Dirk has for them. (ie. Dirk can deny that there is a fire in his house but will see the consequences if his chosen not to leave = decay = struggle of life). Dirk's limits are embedded in his structure.
Although I am "apparently" an isolated unity I am still really part of all underlying combinations of the membrane (cells -> DNA -> molecules -> atoms -> protons, neutrons and electrons -> quarks, etc. called in my Basic Paradox the 3(+) level of matter, but also all (to Dirk relevant) spiritual levels emanating from the 3(-) level, and both are connected by so many levels of white holes and interconnections.

So the feeling of Awe can be replaces by a feeling of Joy that you are part of the whole Unity.
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