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1. The speed of gravitation.
Originally posted by Alexander
[B]Pela, what is the speed of gravity in your hypothesis? Is it instant or c?

Also, what is the difference between your unbreakable all-encompassing meduim and not found Lorentsian (or Maxwellinan - don't remember who was stronger proponent of it) aethir?

DL: Alexander, to answer your question about the speed of gravity I need to explain more about the nature of the layering caused by pelastration. It's a different way of looking to nature then you are used to. When you want to appreciate this new approach you need to put some other spectacles. If you stick on the superiority of maths you will be not able to see it. But that will be your problem not mine. ;-)

In Pelastration approach the (unbreakable but very strong elastic) membrane is present in everything because it is the essence of everything. It fact: it is the basic structure of everything.

As such the membrane MAKES basic BOXES by the pelastration manifolding. That manifold is like a "white hole' which connects two type of hyperspaces in a NEW COMBINATION. As long as the white hole connection exists as long the two hyperspaces are connected making thus a NEW UNITY (= a new box). The two hyperspace are connected but have each another "position" in the new unity (in a separate dimensions = higher or large dimension in the new unity).
Although they are jointed they still keep there INTEGRITY (their quality of previous layerings = History).

As such there exist in the pelastration approach not the traditional vision of 'fusion'.
What we observe as 'fusion' is a new restructuring of hyperspaces in a new layering combination. (thus elements de-connect [= black hole decay] to become back separate (original) hyperspaces and then - in combinations with other hyperspace restructure in a new white hole (become a plasma white hole for the observer).

Now Motion in one hyperspace in a new unity influences also the other inter-connected hyperspace because the are layered. (Image: when you move your arm you textile sleeve will follow your arm. = unit internal friction).

What we call thus a human observers:'reality or pseudo-reality' are various manifestations (spiritual levels, material levels, ...) of the membrane. They are the result of combinations in the basic layerings, this means the 'restructuring' of the membrane. This restructuring creates apparent "isolated" island or multi-layered boxes. (cfr. Andrei Linde's monopoles).

"Gravity" is thus the result of the restructuring and is NOT a "separate force". For the moment our scientists look after a separate force and tries to calculate the effects in the hope to predict how the separate force will work.

What we call "Gravity" is directly related to the degree of stretchability of the membrane. The degree of stretchability of a unite will depend from the number of layers which are combined internally. So each UNITY (or island or monopole) has it's own degree of combined stretchability. This makes why "light" has it's speed limit in our universe. Thus the degree of stretchability of the membrane determinates a number of our observed constants.
Experimentally found proprieties of electro-weak (photons acting Quarks and Leptons), strong (gluons acting on Quarks and gluons), etc. indicate which membrane levels are combined (and interact) and thus explain the fundamental (level) differences between quarks, leptons and bosons. Because the membrane is the fundamental essence or "material/tissu" of quarks, leptons and bosons it is obvious that these fundamental particles act within the limits offered by the membrane stretchability.
Interesting in this approach is that also mass-less particles can be understood as a concept.

Now the alpha-constant or coupling constant (Freynman's magic number) is probably the mathematical expression of the manifolding mechanism itself, and indicates the bending proprieties of the membrane.

In one box there are thus several layers of the membrane. This mapping of the membrane explains thus also the boundaries between manifestations levels -> explaining the incredible size difference between atoms, electrons, protons, .... Remember: Atoms (10^-10), the nucleus (10^-14), protons (10^-15) and Quarks and electrons (10^-18 or less), and ask yourself "why is there nothing at i.e. 10^-16-level"?

Membrane: from unity the manifold creates internal separation, but creates NEW UNITS (which appears to an observer) as coming from Nothing (but in fact coming from two 'invisible' hyperspaces which are jointed). Each of these hyperspaces have also a number of 'historic' layers, etc.

So my conclusion about the "speed of gravity': the membrane is the essence of everything and has does not have speed, it 'IS'. "Speed" is only a human definition of a repeatable or unique observation between two or more "units" which interact, and thus question: "with what velocity they interfere given a certain observed location". This implicates that an action or motion in a certain 'island' provoke also DIRECT actions by which surface changes in the whole membrane but also INDIRECT vibrational changes in the contacting (local) layers within the island.

PS: Now there is a level that I not touched yet which is that of the dynamics within islands. I will just tell you for the moment that the rotations of tubes (caused by moves of the composing previous hyperspaces) can create (dynamo type) excitation inside sub-layers, next to the length friction of expanding or decaying tubes and next to the inter-vibrations caused by internal events in a, island. So there are three basic movements related to the membrane inside pelastrated islands.

Chaos theory will approach this surface changes and depth interactions from a mathematical model trying to find patterns of behavior, and using fuzzy logic. Synchronicity of CG Jung tried to explain it by referring to causal but non-observable inter-relationships. Kaku explains it with the world of the carp.

To give the essence in a simple image: "If my approach is correct it will show that our universe is in fact a giant Fedex/DHL/TNT package delivery service system (sending box-in-box-in-box-in-box-in-box packages and box+box+box packages, on receipt taking out one box and forwarding the rest to another recipient who adds another bibibibi box and takes out a box of the first, repacks all in a larger package and resends that to another ..., ... till the 'final recipient" has enough (quantum) boxes to built his temporal house. Although all boxes are EMPTY ... a house is made ;-).
Empty boxes are the building stones of the Universe ... Logic? Matter? It's all a matter of perception."

On Lorentz. H A Lorentz' hypothesis that everything contracted as it moved through the ether. His ether was fixed in the universe: matter consisted of changes of state of the ether, a change in one sense at the front of a particle being balanced by one in the opposite sense at the back.
That's fundamentally different from our approach.
"Theory of Electrons". He comes to the conclusion that he must reluctantly accept that the earth contracts (everything contracts) in its direction of motion. But he also says that if we could find a way around two problems with Stokes' theory, it would give a very neat solution, with none of the maths -- no "Lorentz" transformation. Source:
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