The Multiverse

We consider the Membrane to be made of a continuous substance that is a dynamic and elastic foil-type surface. It is and represents the totality of the pure universal energy, which is unstructured, nondual and neutral. Ancient Eastern philosophers called such pure energy the WU CHI (WI QI) or the Absolute.

In modern times Albert Einstein formulated with E=MC^2 that Energy can be transformed/converted into Matter and Light and vise versa. In fact this means that Energy must have an indestructible "substance" which has:

1. a property to convert itself into spaces of high energy (photons, Light)
2. a property to convert itself into spaces of high density (objects)
3. a property to convert these spaces of high energy and spaces of high density back into the pure energy state.
4. a property to convert these spaces of high energy and high density into each other.
5. a property to hold the existence of the created spaces (high energy and high density) for a given time, bringing indirect the principle of isolation and conservation of integrity.
6. a property to have a decay of the created spaces, bringing the principle of entropy.
7. a property to slow down or to concentrate (compactify) energy in certain small and large locations.
Since we observe objects and light in several locations in the universe this means that repositioning of energy happens, and that there are areas with more and areas with less energy. 

Now, when we consider this Wu Chi to be (initially) a spherical membrane, like a balloon, which has an elastic 2D-surface we can examine how starting from such dynamic surface it becomes possible to create structures and dense materials and objects like we see in our universe. Therefor I propose a universal principle of coupling, called pelastration, which describes how a 2D surface can create 3D spaces, anywhere on the membrane IFF (if and only if) the right conditions are present.
I postulate that our Universe is one of the topological sub-sets of a single cosmic membrane.

A universe is a large scale holon. On each of the membranes of a universe holon small sub-holons (stars, planets, atoms) can grow. On decay (withdraw) a black hole condition is present.

This image on the left shows how multilayered holons are created on the brane.

The inflation of a local universe can be caused by deformations of layers of related or parent holons Due to the dynamics of the total system, the universe holons (the universes) which are located on the spacetime membrane move relatively and be these moves their local membrane layers are deformed. Consequently there interposition changes. And so are the sub-holons (stars, planets, moons, etc.) which are located on these internal layers. We can compare this motions with the cycle of the human lungs, and the local universes as the organs in the human body. Cosmic inflation of a local universe can be caused by the dynamics of layers of the totality of the spacetime membrane, which can be called frame dragging

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